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Established in 2003, IT Group Inc. is service Innovation Company that provides customised solutions to companies for effective business optimisation. Touted as one of the global software leaders, the company has its headquarters in the capital city of Philippines and an office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

IT Group believes in providing simplified solutions to its clients, cutting down cumbersome processes and reducing the duration of implementing software solutions. Keeping the regulatory norms in mind, the company’s team of experienced experts ideate solutions so that the clients have an edge over its competitors. It also follows the concept of customisation to ensure that clients get the most effective service innovating system that will cut costs and improve competency levels.

As part of its services, the company primarily provides I.T service management as well as Enterprise Resource Planning solutions along with other services that include analysing and formulating massive data into simple key points so that its clients can make informed decisions. IT Group goes out of the way to establish the most strategic customer relationship management solution to enhance the client’s business operations. It also provides consultancy and training services to establish the quickest implementation of software solutions into the client’s system.

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