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About Kinetic Business Solutions

We are a medium-sized American managed organization based out of the Philippines, specializing in outbound phone/email engagement, all-channel customer support, back-office tasks (accounting, VA’s, etc.), and data solutions (data entry/processing, video/image tagging, etc.). We help business refocus their time, energy, and funds on the core areas of their business, while we handle the non-core areas. We add value to our clients by perfecting these tasks, at much lower costs.

What Kinetic Business Solutions offers its clients

We provide each client with their own dedicated and personalized team of remote professionals, whose skills and experience are specialized and catered to each clients' specific needs; something our current clients praise us for over our competitors. Our team will seamlessly merge as an extension of your organization by learning all the ins-and-outs of your workflow, allowing for increased efficiency and higher work-output as we constantly try to improve your operations as well.

How Kinetic Business Solutions outshines the competition

We have had multiple clients compliment us on the personalized and flexible experience that they receive from us. We're small enough to be able to keep you continuously in the loop as transparency is one of our core competencies, but we're large enough to be able to recruit any type of talent, specific to your organization's needs. We have also had multiple clients tell us our prices are lower while work output is higher than other BPO providers.

Kinetic Business Solutions company structure

We have a single American owner/CEO, who is on the ground year round, going back and forth between our Cambodia and Philippine offices.

Sample highlight service offering of Kinetic Business Solutions

We offer full-time, dedicated agents starting at $1,000/month – whatever your needs/requirements are, we can find talent to match it.

Kinetic Business Solutions Contact Info

Year started trading: December, 2010

Current Seat Capacity: 2500

Sites in the Philippines: 6

Main Philippines site: Bacolod

Service Provision: N/A

Primary Client Countries: N/A

Size of your BPO: Startup

Price positioning: Low-cost

Typical client size: 10

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