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Mirof Resources Inc. is one of the foremost manpower and human resource recruitment organizations in the Philippine Archipelago. The company was established in the year 2001, and has continuously provided Philippine businesses with top-notch talent from across the country. The company is headquartered in the central business district of Makati City, with offices in Davao, General Santos City and Cebu across the nation. The company strives to create a strategic fit for businesses operating in diverse fields such as business process outsourcing, retail, manufacturing and information and communications technology.

Mirof Resources Inc. has various staffing solutions that provide the complete range of recruitment services to its clients. Its flagship business stream is through full-time staffing, temporary or part-time staffing, project-based and contract-based staffing as well as overseas staffing solutions. The company maintains an acceptance rate of 3%, ensuring that only the best talent is shortlisted before being sent to organizations across the country. With focus on the stringent BPO and ICT industries, Mirof Resources Inc. uses comprehensive knowledge and psychological testing to select the best candidates. To cater to increasing demand, the company targets prospective job seekers from a diverse range of fields, including online job portals, school campus placements, industry networking as well as traditional methods such as newspaper classifieds and radio advertising.

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