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“Optimum TransSchool, Inc. is renowned Transcription company that was established in 2005. It has clientèle that transcend the geographical boundaries. Their clients comprise of foreign companies to which they provide a number of services in General Transcription, Legal and Medical facet of their enterprises. They have a highly effective business model that has helped them provide the best solutions in the industry that are also cost efficient. They employ a staff of professionals with a range of expertise in their respective fields as well as an unparalleled passion that helps them provide the best services in the industry.

They provide a plethora of services that range from General Transcription (providing the best transcribed documents with punctuality and their due diligence), Medical Transcription (providing a highly efficient team of MT experts to their medical client with an experience MT management to execute their services) and Legal Transcription (providing highly efficient services at affordable rates to Legal practitioners, ensuring confidentiality of the documents and a highly proficient set of solutions to their clients). Optimum TransSchool has also expanded to aid students who aim to find a career in transcription. They provide high quality solutions that are unparalleled in the industry, specifically to cater to the needs of their clients.

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