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About Outsource Philippines

With the Philippines flourishing as an outsourcing hub, Outsource Philippines emerged in the arena as a big player in outsourcing services. It was founded in the year 2003 and since then has been growing constantly. From business process outsourcing it has expanded into being a top-notch knowledge process outsourcing company. They serve to clients from all over the world. They maintain the virtues of integrity and professionalism while building their relationship with their clients. They envision themselves into becoming the international leader in providing outsourcing solutions. In order to realize this, they are working with the mission of utilizing high quality Filipino worker with process knowledge to add value to their clients.

Services Offered

Outsource Philippines provides the following services:

Digital Marketing: they provide search engine optimization, pay per click services and social media marketing.

Virtual Assistance: they provide virtual assistance by providing customer care support, email support, virtual secretarial and live chat support.

Writing: they help their clients by writing blogs, articles, resumes, grant proposals, web content and press releases for them.

Graphic designing: they help with designing logos, social media covers and graphic art.

Web development: they help with customized WordPress web designing, web development and content management system.

Data processing: processes like data entry, data mining and web scraping are provided to clients.

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