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About Outsource Accelerator

Outsourcing has a big “commencement hurdle” for many business owners, which dramatically reduces the number of those that do it. The two key hurdles are (i) lack of awareness, and (ii) a big ticket cost and commitment.

Outsource Accelerator offers independent outsourcing (BPO) advice and education. We have no interests, nor paid affiliations, with any BPOs or industry bodies. Our aim is to be the biggest centralised resource for outsourcing knowledge and expertise in the world. We provide over 90% of our information for free, and monetise through advanced course content and consultancy.

Many business owners are still unaware of these benefits, and we want to get the message out there.  There’s a knowledge-gap around outsourcing, and this creates a barrier, which prevents many business owners trying it, or at least investigating further.  Outsourcing opens up incredible possibilities for all – and Derek is aware that this is an opportunity that just can’t be ignored.

Derek Gallimore’s blend of extensive international business and travel experience means that outsourcing came relatively naturally to him.   Derek  has been in business over 20 years.  He has been thoroughly involved outsourcing over 6 years, and has lived in Manila, Philippines – the world’s outsourcing capital – for over three years.  He has worked and lived in five countries and worked and travelled through dozens more.

Outsourcing is one of the biggest game-changing opportunities presenting both business, and the world today! Derek is passionate about spreading this message, and encourages as many people to properly investigate the possibilities.

Outsource Accelerator is a product of the culmination of Derek’s 20+ years business experience, 6 years outsourcing experience, and his 3+ years of living in Manila – the world’s  outsourcing capital.

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Services offered by Outsource Accelerator

Source Activation


Fast-tracked outsourcing expertise, analysis & integration for your business

The Outsource Activation Consultation offers fast-tracked outsourcing expertise – for busy entrepreneurs and business owners – through a structured six core-module consultation which includes 1:1 consultations, bespoke business analysis, first-hand experiences, and key-person introductions.

This consultation is a one-stop-shop which enables you to quickly understand, master and implement outsourcing into your business and future.

  • Save tens-of-thousands of dollars per month
  • Drive innovation, expand product range and create new markets
  • Access great university grad. staff for $400 per month
  • Build and manage proactive teams to drive your business
  • Leverage abundant resources to build new business models and out-compete
  • In-depth independent understanding of outsourcing and its potential for your business
  • Tailored business plan which can slash costs and drive innovation
  • Outsourcing implementation, guidance and an invaluable core network
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Source Coach

$5 pm

Your trusted, independent, outsourcing advisor

Source Coach offers independent outsourcing advice and coaching to outsourcing clients. Whether you are a beginner to outsourcing or a seasoned expert, the Source Coach provides an invaluable support function for your outsourcing needs.

This is ongoing independent advice and guidance provided by the team of experts at Outsource Accelerator.

Coaching and mentoring

Source Coach provides that sounding board for you and your outsourcing journey. It allows you to have open chat access to experienced expert in the field.

Outsourcing is an expensive service – depending on the size of your outsource team, it can cost thousands or tens of thousands every month. So do you know if you are getting the best deal? Do you know if you are doing everything right?

There is a big learning curve with outsourcing – Source Coach helps you get the results you deserve faster. It helps you avoid a lot of the common pitfalls with outsource.

SourceCoach can help you scale a team faster getting better results quicker, avoiding more mistakes, and saving significant money.

  • Ideal for new to outsourcing
  • Ideal for commencing outsourcing
  • Ideal for currently outsourcing
  • Ideal for currently outsourcing, and about to switch
  • Ideal for an outsourcing veteran
  • Ideal for an outsourcing expert
  • Ideal for about to expand your team
  • Ideal for currently outsourcing, and about to incorporate
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