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“Personiv has been a part of the outsourcing industry for about thirty years. Not just outsourcing, Personiv believes in adding efficient quality to businesses of any size – large, medium and small, through their innovative cost effective ways. They provide service for outsourcing, recruitment process to help their clients find the right talent. They also provide back office support. They help with back office support. Personiv believes in the values of efficiency in their service, ingenuity in their services and products, versatile and flexible services, maintaining high quality in their service. Finally doing their job with pride and confidence.

Services Offered:

Personiv believes in saving their clients’ time and money by providing them with business support. They provide the following services:
Support in customer service: agents in Personiv listen to their customers’ needs and provide quick solutions.
Recruitment services: they have their in-house database with suitable candidates for both corporate firms and other staffing firms.
Graphic design: they not only listen to their customers’ needs to cater to them accordingly but also learn their in-house graphic designing tools to perform better.
Search marketing: they help with search engine optimization to make their client visible online.
Back office support: they help in designing the systems in such a manner that saves time and money.

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