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About Phil-Am Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.

“Phil-Am Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. is listed in one of the oldest outsourcing company in Philippines. They have been a part of the outsourcing business for more than twenty years now. With their experience in the business for such a long time, they provide customized services to their clients based on their needs. They tap onto the labor pool in Philippines to provide services in America, Europe and Australia. They have learned hands-on from the assignments they have taken up with their clients and are now able to provide a wide range of services.

Phil-Am Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. provides outsourcing solutions that other outsourcing companies also provide. They provide customer support through their call centers and helpdesks that work 24×7 to provide quick solutions to their customers’ needs. What sets them apart is the unique model of service that they have designed. In this model they have tried to build a strong partnership with their clients to integrate their staff with the client. They achieve this by having a team of highly dedicated Filipino professionals who are completely dedicated to one client. This way these professionals work in tandem with the client’s team to optimize services.

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