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PLDT ALPHA Enterprise is a growing subsidiary of the renowned telecommunications company PLDT. The company operates out of Metro Manila in the Philippines and has nearly 500 employees working towards providing advanced Information and Communications Technology to each of the company’s clients. PLDT Alpha Enterprise’s parent company PLDT is listed as ‘PSE:TEL’ in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The subsidiary company PLDT Alpha works with the motto of enabling its clients to enhance the way they do business through a range of unique tailor made solutions. The company designs innovative solutions keeping in mind the latest market trends, evolving technology as well as the needs for its valued clients. These specialised solutions empower clients to carry out their business operations in a more effective manner, upgrade their technology, expand client database, and in turn maximize profits.

PLDT Alpha provides solutions such as Enterprise Voice and Data to improve telephonic services, unique Broadband services to integrate technology and Cloud management for small, medium as well as large scale clients. The company also provides business analysis for screening large amounts of data. The company also monitors and maintains IT infrastructure for clients who are spread across the world.

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