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Premier BPO Inc. is one of the leading Premier Business Process Outsourcing Company that provides customized solutions to various industries across the globe. Established in 2003, the company has its headquarters in Tennessee, along with an office in California in United States and Quezon City in Philippines.

The company works with the philosophy that the ‘customer’s customer is Premier BPO’s customer.’ The company has a team of technical experts that have worked with the outsourcing industry for many years and have gained the experience to provide customized solutions keeping the client’s in mind. Premier BPO aims at making its client’s business process streamlined and reduce overhead costs.

The outsourcing company caters to the automotive, healthcare, insurance, logistics, software and financial industries. The company provides end-to-end outsourcing solutions to its clients. The services include back end support and processing, customer care & call center, Information technology services like providing technical support as well as medical billing services.

The company has outsourcing units in China, Philippines, Pakistan and United States so as to ensure that there is round the clock to its clients. The company aims to expand its branches to cater to its growing client base.

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