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“Prople Inc. is one of the top financial consultants providing outsourcing solutions in the Philippine Archipelago. The company was started in the year 1996 as Motivation Asia, and has since then become one of the top financial process outsourcing firms in the country. The name of the company exemplifies its three core principles – merging process with people with the use of technology. The company is located in one of the busiest business districts in the country in Mandaluyong City. The current CEO and Chairman of the company is Alfonso Yuchengco III, and he has created a business entity managed by some of the most talented executives and management professionals in the region.

The company provides financial and accounting services in the core business processes of accounts payable, general accounts auditing, financial strategy consultancy and other account related activities; data management services, enabling the use of big data to find useful and meaningful insights for clients; human resource services by undertaking the process of auditing and managing payrolls and employee records management utilizing proprietary human resource management software; and taxation services by providing taxation assistance for personal taxes as well as corporate taxes for small, medium and corporate business entities.

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