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About PRoV International (Philippines), Inc.

“PRoV International is one the leading global IT service providers. The company was founded in the year 2003, with the goal of simplifying the need for IT solutions for organizations worldwide. The organization utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create solutions that enhance the business processes of its clients. With over 6—qualified specialists, the company operates in multiple countries, with offices in the United States, Germany, India and the Philippines. The PRoV International Philippines is the company’s Philippine Wing. PRoV International has an elite list of clients, ranging from logistics organizations like Maersk to banking partners such as Danske Bank.

The primary offerings of the company are in the field of SAP, IFS Services, Managed IT services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting and Management platform, and software quality testing. PRoV Internation is an important IFS partner, and allows clients to deploy and manage IFS applications, providing complete support from installation to streamlining to aftermarket support. The company is one of the key providers of SAP ERP services, creating tailor-made solutions for clients in the fields of inventory management, retail POS solutions, and a dynamic experience for online and offline retail solutions. PRoV is a Microsoft Partner, providing its clients with Azure Cloud platform support, letting them easily transfer their applications on to the cloud platform for seamless deployment across markets and internal divisions.

What PRoV International (Philippines), Inc. offers its clients

ProV’s IT Services Support Capabilities. ProV offers ITIL-compliant, 24/7 support capabilities for: - Database Management. Includes Oracle, SQL, and MySQL support. - Server Management. Includes Wintel, Unix, AIX, messaging and storage systems. - Application Management. Manages IFS, SugarCRM, SAP, INFOR & MS Dynamics, among others. - Cyber Security Management. Setup and management for firewalls, intrusion protection systems, VPNs, Single Sign-On (SSO), and IAM.

How PRoV International (Philippines), Inc. outshines the competition

Your Global & Managed IT Service Provider. ProV was founded in 2003 to reduce IT complexity by using services and technologies that don't get in the way— yet are powerful enough to meet the complex demands facing today's enterprises. By streamlining processes, we help companies improve productivity and reduce errors while still saving money. We've assembled a great team to help streamline enterprise day-to-day processes and change how IT implementation, management, and support work.

PRoV International (Philippines), Inc. company structure

Over the last 13 years, ProV has evolved along with the needs of today's mid-market and large companies. We handle all IT implementations, support, and maintenance across different industries.

Sample highlight service offering of PRoV International (Philippines), Inc.

ProV offers three different service and development packages for ServiceNow users, each providing a different level of value for customers. In addition to these packages, we can provide pricing for a customized service and development package that fits the needs of your enterprise.

PRoV International (Philippines), Inc. Contact Info

Year started trading: N/A

Current Seat Capacity: 200

Sites in the Philippines: 3

Main Philippines site: Bacolod

Service Provision: N/A

Primary Client Countries: N/A

Size of your BPO: Startup

Price positioning: Low-cost

Typical client size: 50

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