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“Perturbed by extreme unemployment in the Philippines, Brendan and Trixie Whyte decided to establish a Q2 HR Solutions (initially called Q2 Search Inc) which would address unemployment issues by providing local job options. What started in 2000 in a spare room in their house has grown to be one of the largest HR solutions providers in the Philippines. Headquartered in Makati City, in 2006, it tied up with Randstad, one of the world’s largest HR solutions providers. By 2013, Q2 was accumulating several accolades, the latest to add in their bag was the highly coveted IiP gold standard, and became not only the first one to ever be a Gold accredited company in the Philippines, but also the only one in the industry since then.

Q2 formed an alliance with its service partners to form People Expert with the main purpose of providing extensive solutions. Some of the services provided by them are: contracting jobs and managing service; permanent placement of staff, overseas placement; background verification of both candidates and clients and assessing talent; interim HR management, HR outsourcing and recruitment, etc.

Their executive search service provides finding the right candidates at C Level, Senior level and Mid level management. Their motto is Quaerito Qualitas which means to seek quality. And that is what they’ve been striving for through the range of solutions offered to their clients and the job opportunities provided to their candidates.

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