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The pioneers of outsourcing, Salmat started its operations way back in 1979 when its founders Phil Salter and Peter Mattick developed a unique solution to provide marketing services to organizations using small letterboxes across Australia. Over the course of four decades, Salmat has grown to become a trusted name in the field of consumer marketing and consumer marketing services worldwide, with a rich presence across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

The company is one of the biggest provides of content marketing, with a reach of over 17 million consumers across the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Its core products are divided in to three groups: Reach, Convert, and Serve. Products and services falling include letterbox marketing and local marketing. In addition, the company creates digital catalogues for retail and other firms to reach out easily to end consumers, with a high brand value retention strategy in place. Salmat uses modern technologies to deliver content to users, including their custom-build SMS gateway MessageNet, as well as email and newsletter campaigns, competitions, and an e-Commerce marketing platform named NetStarter. The company also runs a business outsourcing process model, wherein their solutions create delightful customer experiences for their clients, using highly trained experts in the fields of customer relationship management and speech solutions.

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