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About Select Voicecom

Select Voicecom is an Australian and US-owned and managed company. It was founded by experienced business executives who combined their backgrounds in call centre management, information technology, law, sales and marketing to help small and mid-sized businesses be more competitive and profitable by providing them access to high quality offshore contact center services.

What Select Voicecom offers its clients

Select Voicecom has built a team of some of the most experienced Philippine call center and BPO managers, trainers and HR professionals to provide our customers with high quality service that is both affordable and flexible. SVC offers inbound, outbound and back office administration services to a wide variety of clients in a range of different fields.

How Select Voicecom outshines the competition

Select Voicecom does not only hire high quality management and staff but the owners are involved with all aspects of the business. They are available as a direct point of contact for all of our clients and take a hands on approach to our campaigns. SVC is also located in Cebu's call centre hub, Cebu IT Park which gives us access to first class facilities and is a preferred place of work for call centre employees.

Select Voicecom company structure

We are a mid-size BPO that was established in 2008 that is owned and managed by an Australian and American.

Sample highlight service offering of Select Voicecom

Select Voicecoms hourly rates vary depending on the type of campaign and the skill level required of the agents.

Select Voicecom Contact Info

Year started trading: July, 2018

Current Seat Capacity: 700

Sites in the Philippines: 2

Main Philippines site: N/A

Service Provision: N/A

Primary Client Countries: N/A

Size of your BPO: N/A

Price positioning: N/A

Typical client size: 15

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