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“SITEL is a global customer service provider and an expert in the field of customer experience management. The company is one of the largest global customer service organizations in the world with a global presence throughout the North America in the United States, Canada and Mexico; Brazil, Columbia, Nicaragua and Panama in South America; multiple countries across Europe including Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom; and in Australia, India, New Zealand and Philippines in the Asia Pacific region. SITEL Philippines is the Filipino wing of the company.

SITEL provides a plethora of solutions for its clients. The solutions include services such as customer engagement services, advisory services, cloud solutions, multi-channel interactive services, and knowledge services. Each wing of the company is headed by an industry veteran with deep knowledge about the market and provides support for upcoming trends in the ever-changing business scenario across the world. SITEL provides the insight and knowledge, coupled with experience to provide a deeper and meaningful relationship between the client and the end consumer. It has a wealth of experience, working with major organizations in the fields of healthcare, financial services, telecommunication, manufacturing, logistics, retail and the public sector. The company has changed the way a lot of organizations do business, adding efficiency, brand loyalty and improved ROI to their clients’ arsenal.

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