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“Based out of Manila, Philippines, SpiceWorx Consultancy is a leading Global Human Resource Development company. Bred in the heart of growing ASEAN economies, SpiceWorx enjoys a great reputation amongst government agencies, IT companies, and multinationals around the world, especially in Japan and the Philippines.

The company’s primary focus is to help Asian-born companies reach global heights by providing highly unique, sustainable, and customized solutions in the BPO and information technology industries.

Since the year 2001, SpiceWorx has done tremendous work in the field of global HR development by organizing and coordinating customized, cross-cultural programs for Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Chinese students.

Apart from providing specialized consulting services in the global human resource development space, SpiceWorx also caters to private agencies and government organization by offering customized research and study services. Apart from providing consultation on cross-cultural communication leadership strategies to businesses in the Philippines and Japan, they also offer data intelligence and advisory consultation to corporates. That’s not all – the company also provides interpretation and translation services to both small and large businesses.

Going by the motto “small things often create bigger impacts”, Spiceworx Consultancy has kept its core team small and has achieved remarkable results in the BPO and Human Resource Development industries in the past 16 years.

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