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About StraightArrow Corporation

We envision ourselves to be one of the most admired companies in the Philippines serving creative industries around the world: a pioneer in creative process outsourcing and a driver of growth in the outsourcing industry.

We are a team of GREAT people consistently delivering exceptionally creative products and services, and actively innovating for our clients.

Our four-fold mission is to:

-Provide creative process outsourcing services to help our clients achieve sustainable and profitable growth.
-Provide gainful employment, and meaningful, rewarding careers to our employees.
-Create value for all our stakeholders, and give our stockholders a reasonable return on their investments.
-Promote the creativity and ingenuity of the Filipino to the world.

Our core values:

-We are a team of great people. We over-deliver & exceed expectations.
-We innovate to create value & evolve to be better.
-We do the right thing. We stand for honesty & integrity.
-We are passionate about who we are, focused on our markets, & committed to excel.

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