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About Syntel Infotech Inc.

“Syntel Infotech Inc. was first started in 1980 by Bharat Desai and Neerja Sethi, this was aimed at providing software services to their clients. From then Syntel Infotech Inc. has grown to a company that has 23000+ employees and has more than 24 offices and global development centers. Syntel Infotech Inc. helps the clients bring a sense of fluidity and collaborative approach that helps bring a real- world business solution. The customer satisfaction rate is very high and around 90% of the revenue is from customers who either are repeat customers or are referred to them from other customers.

Services Provided

• Industry Solutions: The main industries that Syntel focuses on are Banking and finance, health care, life science, insurance, manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation, travel and hospitality and telecommunication.

• Technology solutions: this includes application lifecycle, cloud services, cyber security, data and insight, IT infrastructure management, mobility solutions, enterprise solutions, legacy modernization, Syntel digital one and testing solutions.

• Knowledge process outsourcing: Banking and Financial Services KPO, Healthcare and life science KPO, Insurance KPO, Manufacturing KPOs and retail KPOs.

• Insights and resources: Syntel help provide overviews, publications and success stories of their clients and thus help the clients grow further.

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