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About Teleperformance Philippines

“Teleperformance is an outsourced omnichannel customer experience management company that has been helping clients in around 160 markets all over the world for over four decades. Teleperformance helps connect the most respected and well known brands with their customers. Teleperformance is constantly growing because they invest a lot into research and development that allows them a deeper understanding of the customer; they also take into account the difference in needs for customers who are from different countries, industries channels and generations. Due to the 40+ years of experience Teleperformance has gained an edge over their competition and give a superior customer experience to every contact.

Services Provided

Teleperformance provides their clients with omnichannel solutions that cover the fields of

• Digital solutions that Teleperformance provides includes management of the company’s image on social media with the help of social media stragtegy, social media mapping, social interaction management and also actionable insights
• BPO non-interaction
• Connection
• Analytical solutions
• Best locations
• Contact centers
• Internet interactions
• VIP and specialized solutions
• Face-to-face solutions
• Credit and collection
• Self services
• Infrastructure for the offices
• Omnichannel strategies for marketing and product exposure

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