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Transec BPO Solutions, Inc.


About Transec BPO Solutions, Inc.

Transec BPO Solutions was started in 2010, with the sole aim of providing custom solutions to the small and medium scale businesses. The company stands by its aim of bringing quality solutions, through its expertise and experience.

Transec is based in Philippines, and employs a team of talented professionals, who try to match the needs of the corporates, by providing standard BPO and call center services to the clients worldwide. The company was started by people, who were industry professionals, and know what it takes to provide world-class services. With the right mix of people, experience, skills and work ethics, Transec focuses on providing result-oriented work.

Some of the main services in outsourcing, which are provided by Transec, include technical support, customer services, data processing, and various other back-end activities. As a complete outsourcing solution provider, the company also provides staff leasing services to its customers.

Transec, with its innovative work-methods, integrity, teamwork, flexibility and attitude, has been able to meet all the requirements of businesses. Working with Transec means reducing costs, efficient working, and growth-oriented results. With a high literacy rate and proficient English knowledge, the company and its staff are able to meet all the international standards, with excellent quality services.

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