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Headquartered in the Philippines, Xybersolutions is a dominant player in the mobile communications industry. They are essentially a provider of mobile applications and services with a vision to help people as well as businesses reach out to the masses without having to invest large sums of money needlessly in different facets of business. Their innovative vision along with their effective implementation has earned them a reputation of being an excellent service provider. They have a workforce of around two hundred employees who are extensively passionate and committed to their jobs.

The company is known for providing a myriad of high quality services. These quality services include SMS, MMS, WAP, Web technologies, popular mobile music, movies and game services. They collaborate with the most trusted content providers in the country to provide the best conceivable services to their clients with the best quality output and highest efficiency. They are known for their innovative solutions and services in the industry and have changed the momentum of the industry. Their ability to provide quality services in a timely manner with relentless zeal and dedication has earned them respect from their competitors as well as loyalty from their clients.

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