The Ultimate Outsourcing & Business Optimization Consultation Program

Fast-track your outsourcing expertise & implementation now!


  • Participant numbers strictly limited: we limit numbers to ensure optimal first-hand experience, networking & learning outcomes for all
  • Flexible: start when you want; and complete the consultation as quickly or slowly as your schedule allows
  • $100,000+ value: this consultation can transform your business.  You simply can’t afford not to consider outsourcing for your business
  • 100% independent:  Outsource Accelerator is remains 100% independent, meaning you are receiving the information available so that you can get eh best out of outsourcing
  • Tailored advice: a bespoke consultation designed to fast-track your knowledge, and get you the results that you need
  • Risk free: if for any reason you aren’t happy with your consultation, you have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee


The Outsource Activation Consultation Package offers fast-tracked outsourcing mastery – for busy entrepreneurs and business owners – through a structured six core-module consultation which includes unique 1:1 consultations, bespoke business analysis, first-hand experiences, and key-person introductions.

This consultation is a one-stop-shop which enables you to quickly understand, master and implement outsourcing into your business and future.

This unique consultation package offers

  • PLUS:
    • 24 Video Modules
    • 12+ expert interviews
    • 2+ virtual tours
    • 12 Action Exercises
    • 20+ Charts & Infographics
    • 99 Outsourcing Templates
    • 21 Learning Resources

The Outsource Activation Consultation Package also includes 7 exclusive experiences that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

Exclusive Content

We offer TWO 1:1 consultations with Derek Gallimore of  Outsource Accelerator. Here we deep-dive into your specific company structure, explore your needs and opportunities, and recommend ideal options and scenarios for your needs. The two consultations broadly cover:

✓ One Page Strategic Plan consultation on commencement of program.

✓ Results and Action consultation toward program completion.

✓ Access to three sessions throughout your consultation

✓ Discuss anything about the core principles, and share and examine progress

We offer three open office sessions (per time zone), where we host a Q&A session for feedback and advice. Open to anyone on the program. Come and learn, share and network!

✓ Broad range of expert interviews, from recruitment, legal, operations, etc.

✓ Over five hours of interviews and introductions prepared

A series of interviews with key experts in the Philippines that is involved in the outsourcing industry. From legal to operations, we will be covering them all.

✓ Over 30 BPO professionals included in the Mastermind Group

✓ Up-to-date outsourcing news, tips, and hacks provided regularly

Access to our closed Facebook mastermind group.  Bounce ideas and experiences of other members, and seek advice from course leaders. Share your experiences and learn from everyone.

✓ The Philippine culture and lifestyle

✓ Opportunity to experience this firsthand

An insiders tour of outsourcing in Manila and a taste of the Philippine culture and lifestyle. Find out why is the Philippines the top outsourcing destination in the world!

✓ From a one-man team to a 100 staff team

✓ Exclusive first-hand look at different office environments and layout across the Philippines

Invaluable virtual tours of REAL BPO environment, and REAL staff in these places. You will have a better understanding of  real outsourcing in action.

✓ Business strategy templates, including over 20+ charts/infographics for reference

✓ Swipe templates for interviews and project management

We offer 100, yes 100, templates and cheat sheets throughout the course. You can use these to help build out your outsourcing reality.

Why Outsource?

  • Save 70% on your staffing costs
  • Have teams enhance existing products, customer service and operations
  • Outcompete your competitors.  Save tens-of-thousands of dollars per month
  • Explore new business innovations, models and pivots at very low cost
  • Outsource the menial administration work allowing you to focus on high value activity

Why Outsource in the Philippines?

  • Hire university graduates for US$300pm
  • Access highly culturally aligned & qualified staff with great English
  • Build an entire operations team for the cost of one US/UK salary
  • Tap into the Philippines’ 30 years of outsourcing expertise
  • Over 500+ BPO companies to choose from
  • Philippines is the “Swiss Banking” of outsourcing

Why Outsource Accelerator?

  • Fast-track your knowledge, contacts and learning
  • Independent outsourcing expertise
  • Invaluable business guidance
  • Philippines-based expertise and network
  • An invaluable consultation program tailored specifically to your needs

The Activation Consultation Is Not For Everyone…

It IS for those who are:
  • Business owners with 1-200 staff
  • Motivated by 70% staff savings
  • Motivated to drive innovation and increase revenues
  • Entrepreneurs who want to harness competitive advantages
  • Action oriented change-makers
  • Those who see the future global staffing trend and want to get ahead
  • Those who see outsourcing as a win-win
It is NOT for those who are:
  • Those that fear change, instead of embracing & driving change
  • Old-school business that can’t think outside the box
  • Small minded people that support protectionism and fear global labour changes
  • People that think outsourcing is for “big players” and not for ‘the rest’
  • Those with a mindset of scarcity, not abdunance
  • Procrastinators and those who prefer not to take action. This is an action- and experience-based program

Core Consultation Modules

✓ Why do people outsource? and how can it accelerate my business?

✓  Learn how outsourcing can drastically improve your work-life balance

An in-depth BUT practical introduction to the history of outsourcing and its development in the Philippines. We look at the outsourcing inspirations and look beyond the norm, and start exploring the exponential potential of the world of outsourcing. Once through the introduction, you’re now familiar with the potential of outsourcing and how it can dramatically change your business’ performance – and life.

✓ Determine tasks to outsource that will boost your productivity

✓ Identify non profit generating and time consuming workload to outsource asap

Now, we take a close look at your existing business [or business plan], map it out and assess what can, can’t and should be outsourced. We explore the popular jobs that are being outsourced and help you create an outsourcing requirement and job profile to streamline your entry into the virtual workforce.

✓ Understand the difference between Freelancers and Agencies

✓ What to look out for in contracting with service provider

Now you know WHAT to outsource, we look at the different WAYS to outsource and find which would best suit your needs. We look at the various outsourcing models and the pros and cons of each. We share some of the best strategies and tips when it comes to closing a deal with your service provider and how to get the essential, and ideal, contract terms out of them.

✓ How to effectively onboard a Filipino workforce

✓ Identify the key metrics that would drive performance of your virtual workforce

Having mastered the concept of outsourcing for your business, we now prepare you to train and develop the staff. Remote staffing is a different concept to normal staffing. We help you avoid the pitfalls, ensure best practice and show you the best ways to track performance and motivate. It’s critical to properly onboard and train your new team – we show you how – making sure you get the best productivity for your business.

✓ Discover the key elements of working with a Filipino team

✓ Find out how to best engage and reward your virtual workforce

We provide you with the key knowledge and resources so you know the ins and outs of managing a Filipino workforce. There are cultural differences, and knowing and mastering this early will give you a huge advantage. We guide you on some of the key cultural differences that impact your relationship with your staff, and share some of the best hacks to boost productivity.

✓ Explore how you can take your business a step (or five) further

✓ Discover new markets or strategies that can 10x your business, using affordable scalable methods

Principle 5 pushes the boundaries and goes into taking your business and expanding on it. Outsourcing offers a huge competitive advantage, so we show you how to dream bigger than you have done before, and develop killer plans to get there.

✓ Have a full understanding of how outsourcing can make your life easier and more productive

✓ How to further utilize your virtual workforce to produce more $$$ by thinking completely out of the box

We explore the nether regions of imagination. It goes beyond traditional expansion and looks to transport you and your company into the next millennium. We show you to think big, think new, think different and out-think the rest. Then execute.

30 day money back guarantee

No Questions Asked Guarantee

If you are not happy with our product for any reason, you can cancel at any time. Just send us an email and we will process your refund right away without any hassle…

Unique Consultation, Enormous Value

This consultation could possibly be the best investment – of time and money – that you make this year!

Incredible Content, Invaluable Experience

This consultation offers a blend of unique insight and learnings, alongside bespoke consultation and advice.


  • Participant numbers strictly limited: we limit numbers to ensure optimal first-hand experience, networking & learning outcomes for all
  • Risk free:  If for any reason you aren’t happy with your consultation, you have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee


This incredible consultation package contains over $4,000 of content, can add $100,000+ to your business & comes with a 30-day money back guarantee