Jon Kaplan – Providing Effective Outsourcing Services

Jon Kaplan - TeleDevelopment

Jon Kaplan – Providing Effective Outsourcing Services

Derek’s guest is Jon Kaplan, the CEO and President of TeleDevelopment, which is a pioneering full-service BPO solutions company.

For over 25 years, TeleDevelopment provides effective outsourcing services, custom-built call center solutions and human capital support both locally and internationally.



  • Jon considers himself as one of the front leaders of the BPO industry with his more than 25 years of work within the industry, which as old or even older than the BPO industry in the Philippines. He started his own service agency which is a boutique call center serving the automotive industry. He sold that company and started TeleDevelopment 28 years ago, in 1990.
  • He projects that there will be a significant change in outsourcing services, back-office, non-voice, finance, healthcare, and ecommerce with advances in automation and digitalization as many of these functions will become self-fulfilling.
  • High level automation and robotics will likely threaten transactional type of outsourcing activities. Service providers need to scale up particularly the small BPO. They may start looking for niche type opportunities where they can build up dominance and specialty.
  • The whole aspect of 3D printing, 4D technologies will become prominent in the next ten years. The Western clients will demand for higher scale and more sophisticated services. This scaling up maybe exciting for the big players with higher capacity to scale up but maybe scary for the small providers.
  • More and more things will become outsourced and market like the Philippines may be able to provide a lot of key operational support, but multinational organizations will continue to seek headquartered presence in dominant markets.


Key Notes

  • In the coming ten years and up, automation and high-level digitalization will significantly change the profile of the BPO industry.
  • The small BPO may build dominance and specialty in niche markets.
  • There will be more and more outsourcing demand and the markets like the Philippines may be able to provide more and more operational support services.




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