Michelle Bubke – Outsourcing as a Solution for Talent Shortages

Michelle Bubke - Outsourcing as a Solution for Talent Shortages

Michelle Bubke – Outsourcing as a Solution for Talent Shortages

Second-time guest, Michelle Bubke, Chief Operating Officer of Outsourcing Intelligence, to share best practices in small to medium outsourcing providers.

Outsource Intelligence started its first operation in the Philippines in 2006 where she finds talents initially for her debt collection business in Australia.



  • Michelle has over 12 years of professional and corporate experience in the outsourcing industry. She found the talent pool in the Philippines as the answer to Australia’s scarcity of human capital as more businesses are struggling to hire the right candidate or employee.
  • She realized that there are a lot of nuances in the BPO client and provider relationship particularly in ‘hand holding’ with the client to help them achieve long-term business goals. The engagement is not just a matter of setting and offshore team but its managing the client expectation, setting the KPIs, aligning internal processes, and a lot of other involvement for client’s benefit.
  • It is important to understand what the client is really looking for as the end goal in the relationship to determine if the BPO provider has the capacity to achieve that end goal for the client. Offshore Intelligence calibrates potential clients to qualify for good fit and to check if a partnership will work out.
  • The quick win that they provide their client is the talent that they get to hire, they get to train and to oversee for the client company. Roles are filled up in the shortest possible time.
  • For a successful relationship with clients, Michelle shares that providers must have a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business especially for those clients that are looking for support in realizing long-term goals.

Key Notes

  • BPO providers may choose to serve clients who are looking for partners to strategically help in achieving either short-term or long-term goals, or both.
  • It is important for both BPO provider and client company to really communicate effectively so as to determine goal alignment and good fit.
  • A simple BPO pricing model maybe based on a graduated management fee on top of employee’s salary.





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