Barbara Turley – Inception of The Virtual Hub

The Virtual Hub

Barbara Turley – Inception of The Virtual Hub

Derek’s new guest is Barbara Turley, CEO and founder of The Virtual Hub, a company that provides solutions for businesses looking to get help implementing their social media, digital marketing and business automation strategies through the help of virtual assistants.

Barbara spent 15 years working big corporates mainly in investment banking and finance before the founding of The Virtual Hub.


  • Barbara has always wanted to build her own company and got the chance to learn about how scalable business are during the financial crisis. She did business coaching for small business when she left the corporate world and realized that most businesses needed virtual assistants to allow owners entrepreneurial freedom and level up..
  • She ended up recruiting for more virtual assistants from the Philippines, and starting up The Virtual Hub, which is now growing to over a hundred virtual assistants helping clients’ scale up in their business through digital marketing, and business automation strategies.
  • Easy wins come with recruiting, training, and managing the right people.  All potential virtual assistants are tested for good fit through an intensive training programs for as long as eight weeks before they are shown to prospective clients.
  • Another success key is the amount of client involvement in the onboarding process particularly in the first six weeks of the engagement. Helpdesk, team leaders, and success coaches are there to get client feedback and to fix issues early enough.
  • The major issue is the expectation of the client on the deliverables from the virtual assistant as they are not “do it all” VA. It is important to educate the client and be clear on their expectation and be very delineated on the scope of VA’s role in the engagement.

Key Notes

  • BPO or outsourcing providers maybe successful in specializing on niche markets, through the role of virtual assistants.
  • Easy two-way wins come with recruiting, training, and managing the right people who can competitively deliver specific roles in the niche.
  • Expectations on deliverables must be clearly defined at the very beginning of the engagement and feedback mechanism must also be built-in to fix issues as they come up.



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