Glen Dimandaal – Inception of GDI SEO Company

Glen Dimandaal - Inception of GDI SEO Company

Glen Dimandaal – Inception of GDI SEO Company

Glen Dimandaal, CEO of GDI SEO Company, rejoins Derek to deep dive into the services his company offers in the outsourcing market.

Glen has been doing SEO since 2008 and was working with Fortune 500 companies before leaving the corporate world in 2015 to focus on GDI.



  • Glen reiterates that the cornerstone of a strong clientele in the BPO business is always relationships. The best clients they have, the lasting relationships are driven by referrals from existing clients.
  • With access to the Internet, the quality of self-training and self-learning has leveled up as more and more world class educational materials and training videos are available even for free. The best SEO provider, web developer, graphics designer, and other relevant skills are no longer confined in the West or in one part of the globe.
  • The SEO and link building business is highly relevant in this Internet age as target customers Google with keywords. GDI offers SEO services to help companies appear on top of Google searches and create online leads or win new customers.
  • Some of the top SEO agencies in the US, Hongkong, and Singapore outsource to GDI in the Philippines at a much lower cost. The Philippines have such a pool of talent with incredible technical knowledge and skills. It’s just a matter of doing due diligence in choosing the most competent practitioners.
  • In the next 10 to 20 years, online search will evolve into more of voice search and mobile search as more people are on the go, as it is already happening today. Countries, which continue to scale up in knowledge and technical skills, and which are more flexible to price changes will likely have the better edge.

Key Notes

  • Good relationship with clients wins more referral business.
  • Access to online education and training empowers self-study and self-training to level up competence.
  • As more people are always on the online search will be more of voice and mobile search.



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