Barbara Turley – Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

Barbara Turley - Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

Barbara Turley – Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

Barbara Turley, CEO and founder of the Virtual Hub rejoins Derek podcast for another insightful reflection on how outsourcing can enhance or bring value to any business around the globe.

The Virtual Hub recruits and trains virtual assistants for entrepreneurs who are looking for the right VA who can perform delegable tasks to allow these entrepreneurs to focus more on growing their business.


  • Barbara found out that there are issues with work from home VAs, and it was then hard for her to scale up when she hit 50 work from home VAs in Manila. She realized that she can only get optimization and scalability when people are in one office where there is organizational learning within a defined structure.
  • She now managed a team of VAs from two offices, Manila-based, and a Cebu-based team but she’s more focused in Cebu herself as traffic and weather is less bad and the w. She’s also very successful with her rapid growing Cebu based talents.
  • A few of her VAs still work from home. They are those who are very disciplined and quite structured, but she had to literally go through about 500 people to get her qualified 30 work from home VAs. According to her, it’s like kissing a lot of frogs before finding the prince.
  • Clients can directly hire VAs through different platforms, but this may cause them a lot of pain as they are not shielded from localized issues and inefficiencies that go with improper screening, lack of training and other engagement issues. There are so much time and work involved in hiring the best-fit candidate.
  • The Virtual Hub offers three levels of VAs, the admin level VA, the social media and content creators VA, and the highly specialized and technical VA. Clients are not locked into a contract for the reason that they wanted them to stay because they are happy with the benefits they get from the engagement. 

Key Notes

  • An online virtual assistant will help owners and entrepreneurs focus on growing the business by delegating niche tasks or functions to VAs.
  • Outsourcing to find the right VA who is the best fit for the tasks to be done will save companies the pain and hassle involved in the engagement and onboarding process.
  • SMEs or niche businesses will really find great value in hiring a VA to save cost and scale up on organizational efficiency. 



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