Connor Gillivan – Outsourcing from FreeeUp

Connor Gillivan - FreeeUp

Connor Gillivan – Outsourcing from FreeeUp


Guest, Connor Gillivan, joined Derek’s show for the second time to deep dive into FreeeUp, an outsourcing freelancer platform co-founded by him.

In this second episode, Connor shares how his outsourcing platform compares with the other providers, and the core values that differentiate FreeeUp.


  • Three core things differentiate Connor’s team. They pre-vet all freelancers, they have an established process of introducing a client to a freelancer, and they focus largely on customer service to care for the clients and the freelancers.
  • Connor and his team make sure that clients requirements match with the skills sets, and knowledge of the freelancer. An internal team search for the best fit and introduce a freelancer to a client one at a time, until a candidate is hired.
  • They have been working with a good number of clients through the full three years that they have been in business. Some of these clients started simply with selling a few products on Amazon, then hired a consultant, hired a virtual assistant, and have their own website.
  • The engagement may start part-time. Clients may start working with a freelancer for five hours, or ten hours a week until the business grows, and the freelancers hours grow as well.
  • From personal experience, Connor confirms that highly skilled talents are in the market place like the Philippines. There is a pool of amazing freelancers in the right market who can help grow the business, grow the revenue, and build more business opportunities.


Key Notes

  • Outsourcing platforms need to define the core values or competencies that will differentiate them from the other existing platforms.
  • It is important to have a matching system in place for a successful client-freelancer working relationship.
  • Small successful engagements or work hours with freelancers may grow full-time as clients experience amazing wins, as the business and revenue grows.





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