Connor Gillivan – Inception of FreeeUp

Connor Gullivan of Freeeup

Connor Gillivan – Inception of FreeeUp

Derek’s guest is Connor Gillivan, the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of FreeeUp, a staff resourcing platform.

Connor started his eCommerce business in 2009 helping suppliers sell through Amazon that eventually ventured into outsourcing.


  •  Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour workweek influenced Connor’s mindset and had him and his business partner looking to hire people remotely. They suffered from a lot of frustrations as there are many individuals in the marketplaces like Upwork and ODesk who didn’t really deliver as expected thus wasting a lot of resources in the recruitment process.
  • Through ups and downs and new learning encounters, Connor’s team hashed out their own interview and hiring process and turned on the key towards successful remote people management. Their company, FreeeUp pre-vets thousands of freelancers and agencies to find the best-fit.
  • They have encountered resistance to remote recruitment with potential clients who have had their first poor experience and failures with outsourcing. Some companies aren’t comfortable with entrusting some workloads to a remote staff or BPO office.
  • Connor and the team established an improved communication and monitoring strategy for better customer experience. They introduced simplest ways for the on boarding program where clients benefit with quick wins.
  • Customer service is essentially the face of an outsourcing business that defines success or failure. The first customer experience with outsourcing is essentially the turn ON/OFF switch.

Key Points

  • Some business functions or workloads can be delegated to a remote workforce who can get some tasks done to allow in-house employees more time to perform crucial functions.
  • Remote recruitment from anywhere in the marketplace may led to poor customer experience or failure.
  • Customer service is the face of the remote service provider that will initially switch ON the key to potential business engagement.




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