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Trusted outsourcing support & guidance

Get expert independent third-party guidance – helping you along your outsourcing journey

Outsourcing expertise

Access outsourcing experts – make sure you’re getting the best out of your team

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Manage your team more effectively, get better results and avoid costly mistakes

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Perfect for outsourcing experts and beginners alike

Outsourcing can be complex. You can make a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of money doing the wrong things. Outsourcing requires sensitivity of different cultures, awareness of different regulatory frameworks, and experience in managing remote teams. Source Coach helps you navigate these complex issues and more – it is perfect for outsourcing beginners, and experts alike. If you are outsourcing, or considering outsourcing, then you should have Source Coach

Source Coach is ideal for…

  • New to outsourcing
  • Commencing outsourcing
  • Currently outsourcing
  • Currently outsourcing, and about to switch
  •  An outsourcing veteran
  • An outsourcing expert
  • About to expand your team
  • Currently outsourcing, and about to incorporate

Fast-track your success, avoid pitfalls & costly mistakes

Your outsourcing coach, mentor, advisor

Make sure you have the support you need, when you need it…

Common questions & topics

Source Coach is suitable for people that are already outsourcing, or about to start outsourcing. It is intended to accompany someone throughout their outsourcing journey – regardless of whether you or your company is completely new to outsourcing or a veteran. Below are some common topics and questions covered:

  • Are you getting a good deal from your BPO
  •  Difference between seat leasing and BPO price and service structures
  • HR and recruitment services provided by your BPO
  • Alternatives to BPO recruitment
  • Alternatives to your BPO
  • Discuss cultural difference and common mistakes
  • Common sick leave and holiday entitlements
  • Common pay and salary increases
  • Common staff complaints and issues
  • Outsourcing deliverable management and monitoring
  • Common staff training requirements
  • Staff Christmas and summer retreats
  • Staff social calendar advice
  • Labor law advice and guidance
  • Staff discipline procedure and letting staff go
  • Advice on disputes with your BPO
  • Advice on performance tracking software
  • Common BPO supplier issues and tricks

What Source Coach offers you

Source Coach provides you with a coach, mentor and advocate for your outsourcing journey. It’s especially important to have someone along your side at the beginning, but its equally important to maintain that support as you grow your outsourced team (and the costs and complexity along with it). Source Coach offers:

Independent outsourcing advice

Source Coach offers independent outsourcing advice and coaching to outsourcing clients. Whether you are a beginner to outsourcing or a seasoned expert, the Source Coach provides an invaluable support function for your outsourcing needs.

This is ongoing independent advice and guidance provided by the team of experts at Outsource Accelerator.

Coaching and mentoring

Source Coach provides that sounding board for you and your outsourcing journey. It allows you to have open chat access to experienced expert in the field.

Outsourcing is an expensive service – depending on the size of your outsource team, it can cost thousands or tens of thousands every month. So do you know if you are getting the best deal? Do you know if you are doing everything right?

There is a big learning curve with outsourcing – Source Coach helps you get the results you deserve faster. It helps you avoid a lot of the common pitfalls with outsource.

SourceCoach can help you scale a team faster getting better results quicker, avoiding more mistakes, and saving significant money.

Simple pricing

Source Coach offers flexible pricing, no contracts, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel at any time, and increase and decrease your service cover as your team grows (or shrinks)

Your first month: $1

  • YES: 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • YES: cancel anytime
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  • YES:trusted outsourcing brand
  • NO: contracts or commitment
  • NO: tie-ins or minimum size
  • NO: client too big to too small
  • NO: risk – risk-free purchase

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Outsource with confidence

  • Unlimited chat based support
  • Independent outsourcing advice
  • Chat support when you need it
  • Team and HR strategies
  • BPO pricing and service advice
  • Ideal for outsourcing beginners & experts
  • Save time, avoid mistakes
  • Honest answers, quick advice
  • Support network and expertise
  • Independent second opinion

Saving you time & money & avoiding costly mistakes

Outsourcing is an ongoing, complex operation. You are typically dealing with foreign suppliers (Philippines), a remote team, and cultural differences. If outsourcing isn’t done right, it can cause you great stress, have far reaching consequences, and cost you a lot of money.

Source Coach is always there when you need it. It gives you timely advice feedback and guidance for your outsourcing journey. Avoid making costly mistakes, ensure you get the best deals, and get the results you deserve, faster.


  • expensive beginner mistakes
  • complex cultural learning curves
  • common remote team issues
  • overpaying & unnecessary costs


  • you’re signing the best contracts
  • getting the most from your team
  • getting the most from your BPO supplier

Fast-track your success, avoid pitfalls & costly mistakes

We’re here to help

Outsourcing is complex – make sure you have the right people to join you on that journey

Not a professional advisory

Source Coach is intended to join, and support you on your outsourcing journey.  Source Coach consists of highly experienced outsourcing personnel who are situated in Manila (the world center of outsourcing), and are a part of the Outsource Accelerator team.

Source Coach is not a professional advisory firm – we are not offering formal HR advice, legal advice etc – we are just offering peer to peer advice from a team of people that have been outsourcing for a long time.

We encourage you to have any major decisions confirmed by professional advisor – Source Coach can help connect you to any professional advisors.

Not an intermediary

Source Coach is not an intermediary between you and your BPO or your staff. Source Coach only communicates with you (or a nominated leader). It is critical that it avoids being the go-between – or messenger. Source Coach is intended to be you persona mentor or guide so that you can bounce ideas off of us and work through your ideas with us.

Client requirement

Source Coach is suitable for people that are already outsourcing, or about to start outsourcing. It is intended to accompany someone throughout their outsourcing journey. – regardless of whether you or your company is completely new to outsourcing or a veteran.

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Outsourcing support from outsourcing experts

Honest answers, invaluable guidance

Source Coach offers you a hotline to the Outsource Accelerator team. This is managed in-house, meaning that you get access to Derek Gallimore and Arnold San Miguel, as well as the rest of the support team. We will ensure that your answers are answered in a timely manner, and that your outsourcing journey is made as easy as possible. The entire team is based in Manila and has an extensive outsourcing network.

Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore has been in business 20 years, outsourcing 6+ years and living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing.

Arnold San Miguel

Arnold San Miguel was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He has worked his entire career in outsourcing across various sectors & management levels; and is also involved in small businesses.

Outsource Accelerator team

The team at Outsource Accelerator are all extensively experienced in outsourcing. They are here to ensure that your outsourcing journey is optimised, and you get your questions answered.

Fast-track your success, avoid pitfalls & costly mistakes