10 reasons why you need to outsource to the Philippines

Other than the unique skills sets of the Filipinos, there are also a number of reasons why it’s the chosen outsourcing destination for businesses.

So, why do companies offshore in the Philippines? We have already established that there are also other countries that can accommodate your outsourcing needs. So, why outsource in the Philippines?


1. The Philippines Is an English-Speaking Country

Schools In the Philippines use English as a medium of instruction. Teachers and students commonly converse in English during discussions. Books and other educational materials are also presented in English.

The English language is deeply embedded in the Filipino culture. Regardless of educational attainment, Filipinos are, more often than not familiar with basic conversational English.

This makes Filipinos seem natural English speakers. When you listen to them speaking comfortably, rapport is easily established. The good command of the English language makes the process of outsourcing easier.


2. Labor Costs Are Lesser Than in Most Western Countries

Labor costs are one of the most attractive reasons why companies choose to outsource to the Philippines. The basic wage of Filipinos is lesser than their western counterparts. It’s even lesser than other Asian countries, given that the Philippines is able to provide more qualified employees.

Labor costs are also one of the most significant expenses of your business. Cutting it down can help your company retain a chunk of your income. When you outsource to the Philippines, you can save on labor costs without sacrificing the quality of your products and services.


3. You Can Hire Flexible, Skilled, and World-Class Employees

Filipinos, by nature, are very resourceful and creative. The adaptability that they display in various tasks and responsibilities save a lot of time in unnecessary supervision.

Filipinos are hospitable by culture. When you give your demands, Filipinos will make a way to accommodate them. The same goes for work; they will do their best with their work to please you.


4. Filipinos Ensure High-Quality and Excellent Services

Since the Philippines maintains a western standard level of education, talents are world-class. The quality of their work is accepted on a global scale.

This explains why companies outsource manufacturing in the country as well. The country’s industrial talent pool has a comprehensive list of services offered. It ranges from fabricating components to selling the finished products.

The manufacturing industry accounts for nearly 24 percent of the Philippines’ GDP. With this, it’s safe to say that the country is more than qualified to cater to manufacturing companies.

Products of outsourcing manufacturing companies include furniture and fixtures, fabricated metal products, rubber and plastic products, textiles, beverages, leather products, and non-metallic mineral products, to name a few.

The Filipino people have a culture of pleasing others. This comes in handy when you hire them professionally since they naturally strive to accommodate their employer’s needs and wants.


5. Filipinos Can Adjust to Any Time Zone and Working Schedule

Filipinos can quickly adjust to any time zone that you require. You just have to set your expectations with the working schedule that you prefer. Again, the hospitable nature of Filipinos come in as willing to accommodate your requests.


6. You Can Focus on Handling the Core Competencies of Your Business

Outsourcing provides an environment of delegation. You give other people tasks and responsibilities that your business cannot or no longer perform effectively. This can save you the job of having to spend time on other small matters which can already be done by others.

Filipinos are very dedicated, hardworking, resourceful, and need only minimal supervision. When given their tasks, they can ask for help and questions only when it’s necessary.


7. You Can Assure That You Are Paying the Best Salary Rates

When you are the employer, best salary rates mean that you can maximize your profit at minimal cost. In the Philippines, you can hire professionals with a more reasonable daily wage rate.


8. Government Support

The Philippine government is very supportive of outsourcing and offshoring businesses. The country is producing more professional than the available local jobs available.

Since western countries can afford to pay more than the basic pay rate, graduates are eager to seek employment in the BPO industry. Offshoring companies can also hire hundreds and thousands of employees.


9. Ability to Multi-task Efficiently

The daily operations of a business can be overwhelming. When you are simultaneously bombarded with different concerns throughout the day, it may prove to be too much for you.

When foreign companies outsource to the Philippines, the different time zones become an advantage. Things get done while you are asleep. You will not be forced to go overtime to deal with everything all at once, all in one day.


10. Infrastructure Development

Local Government Units (LGU’s) and private property owners acknowledge the demand for BPO infrastructures. Both are converting or building facilities to accommodate outsourcing businesses.

Companies that need outsourcing won’t encounter problems in finding venues for their offshore operations. Most of the structures are built in strategic locations that would not cause any difficulties to offshore employees.

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