Key Insights from ReceiptBank Summit in ABE 2019

TOA Global Chairman Nick Sinclair joined fellow industry leaders on the annual Accounting Business Expo held last March 20 and 21, 2019 at the International Convention Center in Sydney. During the Zero – 100 and Perfect Practice Summits by ReceiptBank, Nick tackled some of the more pressing concerns regarding offshoring and how it affects the new generation of employees in the ever-changing world of team building.

Among the chatter and din of mingling and networking, connections were made and minds were opened within several theaters of the convention center as various subject matters were addressed through lively presentations and panel discussions.


Of the 4,000-plus attendees, a huge number attended the panel Zero To 100: Strategies To Winning Your First 100 Clients, an informative and spirited discussion regarding the current state of client acquisition and the demands of scaling such an enterprise. Joined by ReceiptBank General Manager Luis Sanchez, Nick bridged topics on how to build your business as a strong revenue-generating machine, focusing on goals for each stage of growth, and scaling staff to meet a growing client base.


Nick took center stage to deliver an exhilarating presentation on understanding the emerging breed of employee – the millennial – who will rule the workforce by year 2020, so employers have a lot of catching up to do to not only attract but retain the grade-A talents of this group.

With the keynote speech How To Hire, Manage And Retain Your A-Grade Millennials, Sinclair touched on hot-button topics such as salary vs. opportunity, the millennial and GenZ attention span, multitasking, communication, and career satisfaction. The talk shattered widespread misconceptions and gave an insightful look into the inner-workings of the millennial mind.

Later in the day, Nick returned with ILLUMIN8 Founder Andrew Van De Beek and Director of industry pioneer AS Partners Sam Rotberg to dive deep into the panel The Importance Of People Planning. Fielding questions from attendees and offering up a wealth of wisdom in building and handling your workforce, the lively talk discussed how to manage your human capital, effective and efficient recruitment, development and training, and using tech and offshoring to expand your team.

Taking the time to survey your team and see how engaged they are in your business was the main strategy that the panelists agreed upon, as well as using benchmark scoring systems such as Employee Net Promoter Score to bolster a healthy sense of accomplishment. These procedures not only engage your team members to excel but will allow you to address and improve issues that arise from their feedback.

With ideas and solutions abound, TOA Global, along with several accounting industry leaders, has once again contributed to the growing knowledge that firms need to stay afloat in the rapidly changing world of accounting.

If you’d like to talk about opportunities that will help you improve client engagement while attracting and retaining high-performing accountants in the field, book a meeting with one of our Consultants today.


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