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Avaya Inc. is a well-established innovator that works in the space of digital business communications. In other words, it provides smart global technologies and solutions for team and customer interaction, collaboration and integrated communications, customer experience management and contact center, networking etc. It caters to all types of companies, from big enterprises, mid-size companies, government organizations and small businesses all over the world.

The team engagement solutions offered by Avaya allow individuals to collaborate and communicate via any modality, regardless of device, network or location. These solutions are run on a business-class platform which is extremely open, secure, reliable and scalable.

The customer engagement solutions offered by Avaya helps support multi-channel communications, self-service and intelligent routing for enhancing customer engagement. Further, widespread reporting, workforce optimization and analytics capabilities offer practical insights to companies and help them boost customer retention and profitability.

The fabric networking platform of Avaya provides a wide range of products with multiple features as well as differentiated technologies for combining simple and scalable business-oriented solution. Its innovative solutions integrate all business aspects including branch and desktop, data center and campus, wired and wireless etc. thus helping clients are to reduce risk and save costs.

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