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“Established in 1998, ECC International (ECCI) is a leading process improvement solution provider in Southeast Asia. ECCI has offices in 5 countries across South and Southeast Asia. With over 15 years of experience in the field of process improvement solution provider, ECCI has helped over 1000 institutions and trained over 200,000 professionals.

The services offered by ECCI to its clients are:

• Management consulting services
• Businesses process improvement
• External assurance
• Process and certification maintenance services
• Content development
• Technology solutions
• Professional Training

ECCI has formed partnerships with companies that use cutting-edge technology. As ECCI are expert solution providers with instructional design capability, they help their clients to implement design learning content and learning strategies to continually improve performance.

The Academy for Professional Excellence (APEX) Global is a learning solutions arm for ECCI that is in charge of managing training services. APEX Global has experts facilitators and trainers in their respective fields, that allows ECCI to provide world-class industry-specific training. The training material is of high-quality and has functional programs.

The values that keep ECCI ahead of its competitors are:

• Client centric
• Diversity
• Dynamic
• Integrity
• Partnership – Perspective

The aim of ECCI is to empower professionals with performance excellence. ECCI is dedicated to helping its clients climb up the ladder of success with effective, experienced, and result-oriented training.

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