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About iSphere Global Inc.

iSphere Global Inc. is one of eminent software company that provides excellent solutions for payment systems and strategic risk management software to its Fortune 500 clientele that are spread across Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Baltic countries, Middle East and South East Asia.

The company provide cost effective solutions to its clients in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. Catering to banking, risk management companies and credit card firms, iSphere provides solution such as information security, testing management tools, management of confidential documents, 24×7 back office support as well as training to enhance competency of the client’s employees.

Being a firm believer of the motto – success breeds success, the company has invested in building loyal relationships with its clients.

iSphere proudly manages business operating services such as autonomous testing, migration and conversion, product launches, implanting strategic business operating systems, as well as providing consultancy for integration.

From the time iSphere set up its Centre in Manila, Philippines in 2003, the company has only grown leaps and bounds to become a tough competition in its industry. With each new client, the company has only earned its reputation as a trustworthy and excellent company across the globe.

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