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About Maersk Line

Maersk moves more than cargo, it also propels ambitions. It is the largest container shipping company. Maersk moves more than 12 million containers annually and delivers anywhere around the globe. Maersk’s global presence and expertise of international trade have made it the carrier of choice for the world’s largest brands.

Backed by 30,000 employees in 114 countries, Maersk provides end-to-end transportation to almost anywhere around the globe.

It is a world leader in sustainable shipping. It helps reduce the environmental impact of a company’s supply chain. Maersk helps companies improve their sustainability and performance.

With Maersk, companies also get simpler shipping and logistics. Its e-business solutions offer the convenience of arranging everything online. Giving business owners more time to spend on their businesses.

Maersk follows a set of Group Core Values.

  1. Constant Care
  2. Humbleness
  3. Uprightness
  4. Employees
  5. Their company’s name

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