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“From as early as 1981 the National Computer Board was set up in Singapore but it became a commercial entity in 1996. NCSI has grown into a service provider for information technology and communications engineering. This business has a set of core values that set the guidelines for the business philosophy, culture and mindset. NCSI is committed to these values that helps to cement the relationships between the partners and the customers. The team of leaders sets NCSI apart from all its competitive companies. Along with growing their business NCSI believes in contributing to the community thus fulfilling their social responsibility.

Services Provided

• Smart City Consultancy: By collaborating with best-of-breed urban planners NCSI is able to help the customer envision their technological landscapes and also help estimate the total cost of building and owning the Smart City.
• Smart City Operating Platform: The operating platform of the of the smart city helps improve the efficiency of operations, enable future-back planning and enhance situation awareness.
• Smart City Applications: They have pre-built application modules that can be used for various different functions.
• Smart City Delivery and Support Services: Due to the years of service NCSI can ensure on time delivery and extended support.

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