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About NextIX, Inc.

“Founded in 2005, NextIX, has grown to be an award winning company for innovations. They focus mainly on next generation IT infrastructure, services and cloud solutions. Creating customer driven innovations is NextIX’s specialization. NextIX aims to push technology to the next level using scalable, robust and agile systems. NextIX is one of the pioneering companies that provide telecommunication systems and engineering services for various call centers that has been booming locally and internationally. Their vision is to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth for their people, products, partners, productivity and lastly profit.

Services Provided

• IT Infrastructure: NextIX helps their clients with various needs for proper IT infrastructure by providing various hardware products and call center systems.

• IT services: NextIX provides their clients by helping them outsource their work to skilled individuals. They also provide staff to the clients if needed. Along with this NextIX helps with IT service support and also loyalty rewards to help maintain their clients satisfaction and good relationships between the company and the clients.

• Cloud Solutions

NextIX also has their own range of products that they sell to whoever needs it directly online through their online site this includes products such as headsets, modems, etc.

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