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“NNIT is an IT consulting company whose seeds were sown in the soil of Denmark. It began its journey as a legal entity in 1994. However before this, they were a part of Novo Nordisk, whose history goes back for quite a few years. It mainly serves clients from the life science and pharmaceutical industry. They provide high quality in trying to standardize processes and ensure security. For more than a decade NNIT has been giving its clients quality service and has made technological advancements. They have also ensured seamless implementation of their applications.

Services Offered

NNIT mainly provides services to clients from the life sciences industry. But it also works for clients from the finance industry, IT industry and healthcare industry. As a consulting firm, NNIT mainly provides advisory services and business solutions. However, the advisory services are regarding optimizing IT solutions. Their business solutions are regarding how to manage the data and information to take strategic decisions. NNIT also develops applications when clients outsource it to them. They also provide maintenance support for the applications developed by them. They also get outsourcing projects where they work on IT infrastructure—both development and operation.

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