Derek Gallimore – Centennial Episode’s Big Announcements

This is the 100th episode of Outsource Accelerator Podcast.  Join us as Derek reviews what he has ve covered in the last 99 episodes and share what 2018 has in store for Outsource Accelerator.



  • Derek quickly reviews what Outsource Accelerator covered, from Business owners to huge amount of inspiring Filipinos on the podcast episodes.
  • Derek believes that outsourcing is a win-win for all and probably one of the most transformative business function that can be applied virtually to any business, any business model, and any business sector.
  • He also discussed the launch of the second iteration of the Outsource Accelerator activation program and new projects like Outsource Accelerator exchange and the Outsource Accelerator TV.


Key Points

  • The fully completed and the second iteration of the Outsource Accelerator activation program will be launch.
  • Youtube Channel will be launch in February 2018.
  • Outsource Accelerator Exchange will be launch in February 2018. A Philippine facing competition anyone working in the BPO sector and want to contribute articles of value.



  • outsourceaccelerator.com/100


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