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things about work

Mike O’Hagan – What is the Future of Outsourcing?

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Mike O’Hagan, the owner of MiniMovers which is a moving company.  In the discussion, Mike will talk more broadly about the future of outsourcing, where it’s going and some facts that Mike and Derek both find interesting.



  • According to Mike, outsourcing is probably going to taper off in the distant future with automation coming through.
  • Mike shares that by developing worldwide businesses using the internet and globalization technics, money is ultimately flowing back into Australia. Not in the way that it used to be, but could still be flowing in and it is pushing up the lifestyle of the people in the country.
  • Mike states that there are some wonderful opportunities in the Philippines for entrepreneurs.
  • He thinks that employment is going to change and improve a lot.
  • Poverty is present in the Philippines, but if workers get the idea to connect to the internet and educate themselves, Mike can see it changing dramatically.


Key Points

  • The corporate offshore outsourcing 25 years ago had a massive economic advantage over small business.
  • The standards of living now have been improved over the years compared to the earlier generation.
  • No doubt the connectivity of the internet is going to dramatically change the poverty equation





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