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Romulo Reyes – Outsourcing and the Gaming Industry

In this episode, Derek is once again joined by Romulo Reyes of Elite Global Sourcing, specifically a gaming BPO. Derek taps Romulo’s expertise in the specialized outsourcing vertical in the gaming space, both gaming development, gaming support and gaming marketing.  



  • Romulo is the Managing Director of Elite Global Sourcing. He handles the business operations B2B, B2C, Marketing and Sales for the company.
  • Elite Global Sourcing is founded by Mr. Johnny Pick. He used to be a Chief Operating Officer for gravity interactive USA, one of the pioneers of the free-to-play business model for games which is the creator of Ragnarok Online.  
  • Elite Global Sourcing original name was Ignited Game Services and there was a publisher called Indoors Interactive.
  • Romulo shares the services that Elite Global Sourcing offer, game development, and game publishing.
  • Romulo explains that the pricing is dependent on your goal.  
  • The company is for the long haul, they make your game, launch your game, publish your game and support your customers.
  • Romulo believes that it would be more economical to actually have a Philippine team or offshore team to develop the game for you and it would have the same quality if not better.


Key Points

  • Game development is a company that develops different games.
  • Game publishing would be the people or the organization that brings the game to the consumer.
  • E-games are live gaming events.
  • Everything about game development talents and products is already developed in the Philippines.





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