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Chloe Franken-Ututalum – The Blossoming Talent Pool in Dumaguete

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Chloe Franken once again. A Filipina and now the CEO and President of SOPHI Inc. SOPHI Inc. is an Outsourcing provider focused on startup companies, they support different back office functions.  Join Derek as he deep dive more into SOPHI Inc.



  • Chloe currently the CEO and President of SOPHI, she started with SOPHI as the General manager and they started off as an in-house call center for a student rewards program in Boston.
  • She also shares SOPHI’s services and offerings and how they differentiate themselves from other BPOs.
  • Chloe talks about a brief demographic insight into the startups and how big they are typically, and the number of staff they fund.
  • They depend on the requirements of their client and they try to find a profile that fits their requirements to a team.


Key Points

  • The cost of living in Dumaguete is considerably lower than in Manila and Cebu.
  • Sophi is based in Dumaguete which she describes as a small town but it has a young vibe.
  • Chloe talks about salary differential and also the skills and talents in Dumaguete.





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