Paul Magiatis – Barely Scratching the Surface of the Future of Outsourcing

Ep 116 Paul Magiatis

In this podcast, Derek is joined by an Entrepreneur and Businessman Paul Magiatis. Owner of an outsourcing service called Eastwest Enterprises. Join us as Paul narrates his journey and backstory of how he started and talk more broadly about the future of outsourcing.



  • According to Paul, most SMEs end up bankrupt and fold in a 5 year period mainly because of the cost of running a business.
  • Paul states that we live in a virtual world that is growing every day.
  • He also shares his insights that people don’t really know what they want. It’s entrepreneurs who come up with ideas that make people’s life easier and better.
  • The outsourcing industry for SMEs is still new, and they haven’t explored the surface yet.
  • Paul talks about his insight into the future of outsourcing and technology.


Key Points

  • Governments can’t contain what we do on the internet.
  • The world is changing quickly, the jobs are changing quickly, technology is taking out entire industries.
  • Adam Smith was one of the first economists who predicted forward that the world is becoming more efficient and it shouldn’t be too long before people don’t need to work in order to sustain their lifestyle.





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