Kevin Thompson – Filipino Culture in Outsourcing

Ep 124 Kevin Thompson

Derek is joined today by Kevin Thompson of Open-Look, a niche market publishing company. Join them as they discuss more about Open-Look and Kevin’s journey which all started in 2010.



  • Open-Look is a niche market publishing company predominantly digital but also in hard copy.
  • Kevin started his journey in the Philippines back in 2010. He was originally from Southern California but he was transferred to Cebu to help build an advertising sales team for a niche publisher in the US.
  • He did that for two years and he saw an opportunity to expand and provide those services to different publishers.
  • Kevin noted the progress and changes in Cebu since he first arrived in the Philippines.
  • According to Kevin, content generation is being offshored nowadays. He also mentioned that there’s still a very viable market in niche markets.
  • Kevin said that “Everybody has a semi misconception about publishing, which people believe is really struggling and that magazines are dying and will be taken over by the web”.
  • They also briefly talked about SEO rankings and its importance to some companies.
  • They touched on the evolution of the industry and how it is coping with the changing needs of people.
  • Kevin discussed how they hire the right people because there aren’t many people in the Philippines with specific magazine experience.


Key Points

  • Nowadays, it’s really common for publishers to offer both the traditional print hard copy as well as some form of a digital publication.
  • According to Kevin, Cebu city has exploded now in terms of progress.
  • Kevin mentioned that the Filipino culture made his transition in the Philippines so much easier.





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