Jaycee De Guzman – Artificial Intelligence’s threat to Outsourcing

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Jaycee De Guzman – Artificial Intelligence’s threat to Outsourcing

Derek is joined by Jaycee de Guzman for the third time. Stay tuned as they discuss the future of content, outsourcing, and digital media.



  • Jaycee has been in the digital marketing business for over seventeen years and his company started by offering content writing services to their clients.
  • Today,  iPresence offers six services which will increase to 9 before the end of the month but as of the moment, the six services that they offer to their clients are the following: content writing, keyword research for marketing, virtual assistance, website design, and graphics design.
  • Derek and Jaycee discussed the future of the industry, They discussed if services will become redundant or irrelevant especially nowadays that Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity..
  • They discussed the difference between the content produced by content spinners and content produced by people in terms of quality.
  • According to Derek, content production and writing are getting more undervalued nowadays. The going rate now for writing content is at 3 to 12 cents per word.
  • They also briefly discussed the future of outsourcing and the huge potential in the Philippines.

Key Points

  • Marketing is not outright selling, it is about “real relationship building.”
  • Jaycee believes that content that is written by a machine cannot and will never outrun content that this written by a human with emotions, humor, and personal connection with his or her target reader.
  • There’s very tough competition these days when it comes to content. Most especially because “content” is starting to become undervalued.
  • Jaycee mentioned that according to a seminar that he attended, the outsourcing business will become a trillion dollar business in 2020.




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