magellan solutions
magellan solutions

Fred Chua – Inception of Magellan Solutions

In this episode, Derek is joined by Fred Chua. The founder, CEO and Director of Magellan Solutions. Join Derek as he deep dives into Magellan Solutions and explore how full serviced BPOs really priced, structure and work alongside their clients.



  • Fred started off as a call center agent back in 2003 and their first ever client was Directory Assistance, a 411 service.
  • According to Fred, as BPO or call center grows they tend to also try to get the bigger accounts.
  • Fred shares that they focused on end to end spectrum of providing quality assurance, continuous improvement and that’s their value proposition.
  • Fred talks about the staff leasing arrangement in his company.
  • Their core competencies is process improvement and streamlining systems and KPI and metrics and they make sure they meet the target according to Fred.


Key Points:

  • Magellan Solutions this is a Filipino owned call center that has been established since 2004.
  • The two of the common models of outsourcing are the seat leasing or staff leasing arrangement and the full-service Business Process Outsourcing.




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