building framework
building framework

Paul Higgins – Freedom within a Framework when Outsourcing

Derek is joined by Paul Higgins the founder of Build Live Give. Derek deep dive and talks about Paul’s background, fantastic corporate and entrepreneurial experience.



  • Paul worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years.
  • He share his own outsourcing experience, the initial part and challenges from the start.
  • New way of doing things won’t make or break you but it might take time.
  • They both discussed the differences and similarities in terms of big corporate and SME outsourcing.
  • He gives an initial advice on what is outsourcing and what are its benefits


Key Points:

  • Build Live Give is a global community for people like corporate escapees that are running their own business as the name suggest to build their dream business, live a great life and also give back.
  • Coca-Cola company has been outsourcing for over 126 years.
  • With outsourcing there needs to be freedom but there also needs to be a framework for people to succeed.




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