Cooee Outsourcing
Cooee Outsourcing

Kris Buckham – High Touch, High Value Outsourcing Service

In this episode, Derek is joined by Kris Buckham, the founder of ‘Cooee.’  Join us as Derek deep dives and talks about Kris’ high touch, high value BPO, plus a brain training and management training program. We look at the future of outsourcing, how it’s evolving, and also, talk about AI and how it’s going to affect the outsourcing sector in the Philippines and the world, generally.



  • Kris co-founded a start up in the outsourcing space which is a high touch, high value BPO, but also in brain-based coaching and facilitation.
  • Kris shares his insight about the shared services before and how it’s really changed in the last 10 years.
  • Kris and his wife, Pia, also have a unique BPO of their own.
  • Kris supports their clients by not only giving services, but only supports all throughout the process of their client’s endeavors.
  • Kris and Derek talked about AI and automation and how it might affect the BPO jobs in the Philippines.



  • Empathy is needed when working on SMEs to help understand the clients.
  • The Filipinos are getting better and better when it comes to BPO skills.
  • Outsourcing has become popular all throughout the Philippines.



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